Sentence Examples with the word mind's eye

If you can prove I'm guilty, I'll be willing to die nine times, but a mind's eye is no proof, because the Woggle-Bug has no mind to see with.

All that Dean could picture in his mind's eye was Annie Quincy, plying her despised trade in a darkened room.

In his mind's eye Dean could picture climbers rappelling downward in great lunges, covering many feet in long swings, reaching the bottom in but a few mad leaps into space.

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History presents few figures more attractive to the mind's eye than that of Leonardo during this period of his all-capable and dazzling youth.

Because our glance can easily be turned outwards and survey the exterior world but it is far harder to turn the mind's eye inwards and contemplate the world of the spirit.

He always had before his mind's eye the estate as a whole and not any particular part of it.

I have in my mind's eye the western, indented with deep bays, the bolder northern, and the beautifully scalloped southern shore, where successive capes overlap each other and suggest unexplored coves between.