Sentence Examples with the word minaret

Over the western archway was a white cage for the muazzin, and outside it was a gigantic minaret 120 ft.

The minaret was built by Abu Tachfin, sultan of Tlemcen, in 1324.

It has an old mosque, with a minaret 123 ft.

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In the immediate neighbourhood of the modern Tlemcen are numerous remains of the fortifications of Agadir (vide infra), and the minaret of the mosque, a beautiful tower dating Sidi from the 13th century, the lower part of which is built Medin.

The minaret of Suk el-Ghazl, in the south-eastern part of the city, dates from the 13th century.

There still remain a minaret and some marble arches and columns.

Only the minaret of the mosque, dating from the 14th century, and the battlemented wall, flanked by two towers, remain of its former magnificence.

The minaret is faced with tiles and is surmounted by a gilded crescent.

Besides the walls and towers, and the minaret of the mosque, little remains of Mansura, of which Ibn Khaldun has left a contemporary and graphic sketch.

The Marjanieh mosque, not far from the minaret of Mostansir, although its body is modern, has some remains of old and very rich arabesque work on its surface, dating from the 1 4 th century.