Sentence Examples with the word mimosa

To the west and north the plateau sinks in terraces to the plains of the Sudan, and eastward falls more abruptly to the Red Sea, the coast plain, known as the Samhar, consisting of sandy country covered with mimosa and, along the khors, with a somewhat richer vegetation.

I asked, and the next minute I recognized the odour of the mimosa blossoms.

Formerly, much of the country was covered with mimosa bush, but the trees were to a large extent cut down by the early white immigrants.

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These occur on the tips of tendrils and on the tentacles of Drosera; (2) sensitive papillae found on the irritable filaments of certain stamens; and (3) sensitive hairs or bristles on the leaves of Dionaea muscipula and Mimosa pudicaall of which are so constructed that any pressure exerted on them at once reacts on the protoplasm.

The coast plain (in large part), the river valleys, and the eastern sides of the lower hills are covered with mimosa and other thorn trees.

Reinsch on distilling catechin (the juice of Mimosa catechu); occurs free in kino and in beechwood tar; its sulphonic acid is present in the urine of the horse and man.

In Mimosa pudica (fig.

The middle veld is marked by long low stony ridges, known as rands, and these rands and the kopjes are often covered with scrub, while mimosa trees are found in the river valleys.

I felt my way to the end of the garden, knowing that the mimosa tree was near the fence, at the turn of the path.

Adjacent to the town is an arid plain without vegetation other than mimosa thorns.