Sentence Examples with the word milo

He married the daughter of Milo of Gloucester, and played an ambiguous part in Stephen's reign, siding at first with the king and afterwards with the empress.

Many of the islands are of volcanic formation; and a well-defined volcanic chain bounds the Cretan Sea on the north, including Milo and Kimolos, Santorin (Thera) and Therasia, and extends to Nisyros.

Clodius and Milo used bands of gladiators in their city riots, and this action on the part of the latter was approved by Cicero.

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Cicero's speech for Milo at his trial was not a success, though, as Quintilian (ix.

Annius Milo on the Appian Way (on the 18th of January), which brought about the appointment of Pompey as sole consul and the passing of the special laws dealing with rioting and bribery.

He studied at the monastery, where his uncle Milo occupied an important position.

The chief authority is the Vita Lanfranci by Milo Crispin, who was precentor at Bec and died in 1149.

In 53, when Milo was candidate for the - consulship and Clodius for the praetorship, the two leaders met by accident on the Appian Way at Bovillae and Clodius was murdered (January 52).

The same writer represents Milo as discharging a mission among the Vascones, or Basques, the very people to whom authentic history has ascribed the great disaster which befell the army of Charlemagne at Roncesvalles.

Cicero took an active part in the trials which followed, both as a defender of Milo and his adherents and as a prosecutor of the opposite faction.