Sentence Examples with the word million

Declared his 'The Spaniards, in the space of fifteen years subsequent to the discovery of the West Indies, had, as Robertson mentions, reduced the natives of Haiti from a million to 60,000.

She told him a million times there was no way she was going to marry him then turn around and die.

Immortals only get one their whole lives, even if they live for a million years.

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During the Hundred Days, and it was with him that Napoleon deposited five million francs in gold before leaving France for the last time.

Who spent the last million years in Hell, thanks to Kris.

Territory and Caucasia), the annual production of wine amounting to 35-50 million gallons, three-fifths in Caucasia.

A million little diamonds of glass showered the inside of the vehicle as it swerved up the street, spinning a track of rubber.

The velocity of propagation of electric waves is the same as that of light, viz., about moo million feet, or 300 million metres, per second.

The exportation in I902 only reached about 45 million gallons (and even that is double the average), while an equally abundant vintage in France and Spain rendered the exportation of the balance of 1907 impossible, and fiscal regulations rendered the distillation of the superfluous amount difficult.

In its picturesque desolation, contrasting so strongly with its prosperity in Roman times, immediately surrounding a city of over half a million inhabitants, and with lofty mountains in view from all parts of it, it is one of the most interesting districts in the world, and has a peculiar and indefinable charm.