Sentence Examples with the word milling

Andy Sackler and Dean responded to a call crosstown at Ralph's Barber Shop, where they found a crowd milling around the sidewalk and a half dozen customers seated inside.

Dairy utensils and implements are made; there are several nurseries; brewing and milling are carried on, but the bulk of the trade is in farm and dairy produce.

Gold milling is treated by Henry Louis, A Handbook of Gold Milling; C. G.

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The leading ones in order of importance and the value of product in millions of dollars were: the manufacture of railway, foundry, and machine shop products (19.6 million dollars), lumber and timber industries (18.57), sugar and molasses refining (15.91), beef slaughtering (15.72), canning and preserving (13.08), flour and grist milling (13.10), the manufacture of malt, vinous and distilled liquors (9.26), leather industries (7.40), printing and publishing (6.86).

Rickard, Stamp Milling of Gold Ores.

For deep workings the milling method is usually employed, in which the ore is excavated in funnel-shaped pits, each of which connects with underground haulage roads by a shaft.

After milling about until nearly nine o'clock, the entire group began to trek up to the ice park and, as Claire Quincy put it, view this craziness.

Since that time select Japanese species, chosen for superior milling qualities, have been widely introduced, as the market prejudice in favour of head rice made the large percentage of broken rice a heavy handicap to the farmers.

The cost of mining by the milling method does not greatly exceed the cost of steam-shovel work.

When the multure tax, a tax upon milling grain, was imposed in Italy many years ago, it was found that no corresponding increase took place in the price of flour and bread.