Sentence Examples with the word millet

In other parts fine crops of millet and various kinds of grain are grown, and on it trees flourish abundantly.

They practised agriculture, cultivating several varieties of wheat and barley, besides millet and flax.

The word as spelled represents the pronunciation of the Cape Dutch milje, an adaptation of milho (da India), the millet of India, the Portuguese name for millet, used in South Africa for maize.

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In summer the country appears as one waving field of wheat, millet and mealies; whilst on the mountain slopes and on their flat tops are large flocks of sheep, cattle and goats, and troops of ponies.

Rice, which shares with millet the distinction of being the principal food-stuff of the greatest number of human beings, is not grown nearly as widely as is wheat, the staple food of the white races.

Special deities, moreover, will demand special victims, while the more rustic numina, such as Pales, should be given milk and millet cakes rather than a blood-offering.

His boyhood was passed working in his father's fields, but the sight of the engravings in an old illustrated Bible set him drawing, and thenceforth, whilst the others slept, the daily hour of rest was spent by Millet in trying to render the familiar scenes around him.

The other cereals, millet and panico sorgo (Panicum italicum), have lost much of their importance in consequence of the introduction of maize and rice.

Wild, salt and prairie grasses make up the bulk of the forage acreage, but the cultivated crops - especially millet and Hungarian grasses and alfalfa - are more important.

Common millet is Panicum miliaceum (German Hirse).