Sentence Examples with the word milled

The signal coil is suspended by fibres and is mounted together with a fixed soft iron core on a brass plate affixed to a rack, with which a pinion operated by a milled head screw engages.

Boone is an important coal centre; bricks and tiles are manufactured from the clay obtained near by; there is a packing plant for the manufacture of beef and pork products; and from the rich farming section by which the city is surrounded come large quantities of grain, some of which is milled here, and live-stock.

Groups of people milled and moved towards the fields surrounding the town, guided by moonlight and the light of handheld lanterns.

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The ink-box is made adjustable, being carried by an arm attached to a pillar provided with a rack with which a pinion operated by a milled head screw engages.

In Charles II.'s reign shillings were first issued with milled edges.

The whole of Damian's history, his forefathers', all the way to the Beginning, when spirits milled without purpose before the Original Beings shaped the universe into something much greater.

People milled through the farmer's market.

She screamed as she wind milled her arms in the hot air.

C is the objective, D the micrometer box, E the graduated head of the screw, G the milled i r head by which the screw cc is turned, A an P FIG.

The soap is now milled in the form of ribbons with the perfume and colouring matter, and the resulting strips are welded into bars by forcing through a heated nozzle.