Sentence Examples with the word mille

The North Atlantic maximum is the highest with water of 37.9 per mille salinity; the maximum in the South Atlantic is 37.6; in the North Indian Ocean, 36.7; the South Indian Ocean, 36.4; the South Pacific, 36.9; and the North Pacific has the lowest maximum of all, only 35'9.

One of the features which is prominent throughout the return is that in every country except Belgium the rate per mille attained a maximum in the early seventies, and has since shown a descending tendency, notwithstanding the fact, noted in the preceding paragraph, that the youthful population, which, of course, weighs down the rate, has also been relatively decreasing.

After their deaths he lived for some time at Caen under the roof of Nicolas Foucault (1643-1721), the intendant of Caen, himself no mean archaeologist; and there he began the publication (12 vols., 1704-1717) of Les mille et une nuits, which excited immense interest during the time of its appearance, and is still the standard French translation.

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The Arctic Sea presents a great contrast between the salinity of the surface of the ice-free Norwegian Sea with 35 to 35.4 and that of the Central Polar Basin, which is dominated by river water and melted ice, and has a salinity less than 25 per mille in most parts.

In England, for instance, those under 15 amounted to 360 per mille in 1841, against 324 sixty years later.

The latest rates, for instance, were only 18 per mille per annum in Australia; 11 in Canada and 19 in the United States.

In eastern Europe, so far as the figures can be trusted, this is markedly the case, and the birth-rates range between 39 per mille in Hungary and 49 in Russia, where the tradition of encouraging prolificity amongst the peasantry has not been effaced.

De Mille And Thomas O'Hagan, In Vol.

M.) in Mille Lacs and Aitkin counties;: Leech Lake (184 sq.

James De Mille (1833-1880) Was The Author Of Some Thirty Novels, The Best Of Which Is Helena'S Household (1868), A Story Of Rome In The 1St Century.