Sentence Examples with the word military science

This contradiction arises from the fact that military science assumes the strength of an army to be identical with its numbers.

From 1885 to 1888 he was professor of military science at the Naval War College; then for seven years aide-de-camp to Gen.

For military science there are the academies of war (Kriegsakademien) in Berlin and Munich, a naval academy in Kid, and various cadet and non-commissioned officers schools.

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Denis Davydov, with his Russian instinct, was the first to recognize the value of this terrible cudgel which regardless of the rules of military science destroyed the French, and to him belongs the credit for taking the first step toward regularizing this method of warfare.

For military science to say this is like defining momentum in mechanics by reference to the mass only: stating that momenta are equal or unequal to each other simply because the masses involved are equal or unequal.