Sentence Examples with the word militaire

His concessions to the reactionary and clerical party of the emigres, headed by the comte d'Artois and the duchesse d'Angouleme, aroused suspicions of his loyalty to the constitution, the creation of his Maison militaire alienated the army, and the constant presence of Blacas made the formation of a united ministry impossible.

The following are worth mention: - Vie politique, militaire et privee du general Moreau (1814); Catastrophe de Murat, ou Recit de la derniere revolution de Naples (1815); Histoire de la guerre d'Espagne et du Portugal, 1807-1813 (2 vols., 1819); Collection de memoires relatifs aux revolutions d'Espagne (2 vols., 1824); Histoire de la revolution de Piemont (2 vols., 1821, 1823); Memoires secrets et inedits pour servir a l'histoire contemporaine (2 vols., 1825).

At the Ecole Militaire youths are trained nominally for the army, but many go there who intend to enter one of the professions or the public service.

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There are also a large number of state-aided schools for special purposes; (1) for military instruction, there are the Ecole Militaire at Brussels, the school of cadets at Namur, and army schools at different stations, e.g.

Schlumberger has written on the coins and seals of the Latin East in various publications; while Rey has written an Etude sur les monuments de l'architecture militaire (Paris, 1871).

He continued his studies, and after obtaining the doctor's degree at the Sorbonne, he was appointed teacher of German in the Ecole militaire at St Cyr, and shortly afterwards, professor of foreign literatures at Douai.

Colin, L'Education militaire de Napoleon (Paris, 1900); P. Cottin, Toulon et les Anglais 1 793 (Paris, 1898); H.

Defence: Djevad Bey, Etat militaire ottoman (Paris, 1885); H.

In the course of this work, Dupuy became acquainted with and copied an enormous mass of unpublished documents, which furnished him with the material for some excellent works: Traite des droits et des libertes de l'eglise gallicane, avec les preuves (1639), Histoire del' ordre militaire des Templiers (1654), Histoire generale du schisme qui a ete dans l'eglise depuis 1378 jusqu'd 1428 (1654), and Histoire du differend entre le Pape Boniface VIII et le roi Philippe le Bel (1655).

Arnault collaborated in a Vie politique et militaire de Napoleon (1822), and wrote some very interesting Souvenirs d'un sexagenaire (1833), which contain much out-of-the-way information about the history of the years previous to 1804.