Sentence Examples with the word milestone

Mai., and consisted in a procession leaving Rome by the Flaminian gate, and proceeding by way of the Milvian bridge to a sanctuary at the 5th milestone of the Via Claudia, where the flamen quirinalis sacrificed a dog and a sheep to avert blight (robigo) from the crops (Fasti praenestini, C.T.L.T., p. 317).

But Sicily never became thoroughly Roman; no roads were constructed, so that not a single Roman milestone has been found in the whole island.

In the interior the boundary fell between Casinum and Teanum Sidicinum, at about the Tooth milestone of the Via Latina - a fact which led later to the jurisdiction of the Roman courts being extended on every side to the Tooth mile from the city, and to this being the limit beyond which banishment from Rome was considered to begin.

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The 79th milestone from Ariminum found in the bed of the Rhenus at Bononia records the restoration of the road by Augustus from Ariminum to the river Trebia in 2 B.C. (Notiz.

Her festival fell on the full moon of the first month (March 15), and was held at the grove of the goddess at the first milestone on the Via Flaminia.

It is probable that the basilica situated at the second milestone on the Via Flaminia was also dedicated to him.

The restoration of the Empire in 962 marks the first milestone on the pathway of recovery.

Long, hence called Decennovium) belonged to the original road was proved by the discovery at Ad Medias (Mesa) of a milestone of about 250 B.C. (Ch.

The boundary of the Ager Romanus antiquus towards the north-west is similarly fixed by the festival of the Robigalia at the 5th milestone of the Via Clodia.

A good plan of the catacombs at Albano (at the 15th milestone of the Appian way), discovered by Boldetti and described by De Rossi, has been published by Marucchi (Nuovo Bulletino di archeologia cristiana, 1902, pp. 89 ff.).