Sentence Examples with the word mileage

That the railway mileage in the British possessions amounts to almost five-sixths of the total.

The Civil War then interfered, and in 1880 the mileage was only 1127 m.

The urban and rural district roads, covering a much greater mileage and classed as la petite voirie, are maintained chiefly by the communes under the supervision of the Minister of the Interior.

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Illustrates the railway mileage in the continent of America at the close of 1907.

He could account for the correct mileage on the car if he used a tow bar that kept the wheels on the road.

In 1880 he was in virtual control of Io,000 miles of railway, about one-ninth of the railway mileage of the United States at that time.

Of railway, and the tendency of all the great American railway systems, even when not tied to one another in common ownership, is to increase their mileage year by year by acquiring tributary lines.

Since 1895 electric railways operated by the trolley system have steadily developed, their mileage in 1909 approximating 895 m.

In 1890 the mileage of South Dakota was 2610 m., in 1900, 2961 m., and in 1909, 3776 m.

The railway mileage of Dakota in 1870 (before the present states of South and North Dakota were erected) was only 75 m., and in 1880, 1225 m.