Sentence Examples with the word mile

On the other hand, Blucher carried the village of Mbckern and came within a mile of the gates of the town.

Commonly I rested an hour or two in the shade at noon, after planting, and ate my lunch, and read a little by a spring which was the source of a swamp and of a brook, oozing from under Brister's Hill, half a mile from my field.

A battery of 11-inch howitzers was Metre fist established only one mile away.

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To the north-west of the town are the Allees Marines, fine promenades which border the Adour for a mile and a quarter, and the Allees Paulmy, skirting the fortifications.

In Hungary and Russia a zone-tariff system is in operation, whereby the charge per mile decreases progressively with the length of the journey, the traveller paying according to the number of zones he has passed through and not simply according to the distance traversed.

One mile west of Lerwick is Clickimin Loch, separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land.

At the fourth mile marker, she paused.

It was a short distance from Surry Mountain Lake and park, and about seven mile from our recently established office in town.

Long, with a mean breadth of half a mile and over i m.

About half a mile from the town is the Albert Memorial Middle Class College, opened in 1865, and capable of accommodating 300 boys.