Sentence Examples with the word mildew

Water must now be copiously supplied to the border, and air admitted in abundance, but cold draughts which favour the attack of mildew must be avoided.

Flaking and scaling set in; hard crusts of mildew formed, dissolved and re-formed with changes of weather over both the loosened parts and those that remained firm.

Like the Phylloxera (q.v.; also Wine), the mildew is in its origin probably American.

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The same precautions must be used against mildew and insects as given in January.

In the same way the disease caused by the mildew organism may be counteracted by a slight addition of alcohol and tannin.

Oidium or mildew is only second in importance to the phylloxera.

The fungus, which is chiefly within the leaves and stems, seldom emerges through the firm upper surface of the leaf; it commonly appears as a white bloom or mildew on the circumference of the diseasepatches on the under surface.

If weather is cold and backward, however, and in very northern regions, care must be taken not to stop firing too soon, or the plants will mildew and become stunted.

A strong growth of the fungus gives the appearance of mildew on the wood, and produces an unpleasant musty smell.

The Spanish vines have suffered, like those of France, from mildew and phylloxera.