Sentence Examples with the word milder

Strict discipline was maintained, soldiers being hanged for stealing chickens; faith was always kept; and short, sharp action was more merciful in the long run than a milder but less effective policy.

In 62 he prevented the execution of the praetor Antistius, who had written a libel upon the emperor, and persuaded the senate to pass a milder sentence.

This treachery and the harsh treatment by Patterson created a strong public opinion in favour of the Yankees, and the government was compelled to adopt a milder policy.

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In 1893 the epidemic appeared again, but in a milder form.

In the milder forms of the disease there is simply a congested or inflamed condition of the mucous membrane, with perhaps some inflammatory exudation on its surface, which is passed off by the discharges from the bowels.

In the first place, the climate of the entire Pacific Coast is milder and more uniform in temperature than that of the states in corresponding latitude east of the mountains.

In the large portion of the county sheltered by the Downs the climate is milder and more equable, and vegetation is somewhat earlier.

Poland in short shared in the new era of milder rule which began in Russia.

Rigorous and rainy in the south-east, the climate elsewhere is milder though subject to sudden variations.

A milder form of penalty was the temporary separation or seclusion (niddah) prescribed for ceremonial uncleanness.