Sentence Examples with the word mild

The green maiden was much astonished at the sight of so unusual a creature, for horses were unknown in this Land; but those who lived in the Emerald City were apt to be astonished by queer sights, so after inspecting the cab-horse and noting the mild look in his big eyes the girl decided not to be afraid of him.

With Yancey's kind, there's no such thing as a mild emotion, neither in anger nor in love.

The climate of Washington is characterized by great humidity, long-continued and somewhat oppressive heat in summer, and mild winters.

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Effervescent soda water is a mild gastric sedative.

It is enough to say that on this fantastic basis Helmont constructed a medical system which had some practical merits, that his therapeutical methods were mild and in many respects happy, and that he did service by applying newer chemical methods to the preparation of drugs.

Naturally, the merchant resents any developments which exclude him, and some mild forms of boycott have occasionally been instituted.

Gerald eyed him with mild amusement.

The climate of Sydney is mild and equable; in summer sea breezes blow from the north-east, which, while they temper the heat, make the air exceedingly humid; in winter the winds blow from the west and the climate is dry and bracing.

Let the greenhouse and conservatory have plenty of air in mild weather.

The mild climate assists the growth of esculent plants and roots; and a considerable trade is carried on with New York, principally in onions, early potatoes, tomatoes, and beetroot, together with lily bulbs, cut flowers and some arrowroot.