Sentence Examples with the word milch

Although used in the early days to a limited extent as a food for milch cows and other stock, and to a larger extent as a manure, no systematic efforts were made anywhere in the South to manufacture the seed until the later 'fifties, when the first cotton seed mills were established.

In 1910, out of a total of 2,587,000 neat cattle, there were 1,506,000 milch cows.

The censuses from 1860 to 1900 showed a far greater number of neat cattle on farms and ranges in Texas than in any other state or Territory; in 1900 the number was 7, 2 79,935 (excluding spring calves); and in 1910 there were 8,308,000 neat cattle including 1,137,000 milch cows.

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In the same year, according to the same authority, there were in the state 196,000 milch cows, 92,000 other neat cattle, 45, 000 sheep and 70,000 swine.

The relation between ants and aphids has often been compared to that between men and milch cattle.

In 1909 the number of sheep in Montana was 5,747,000, being exceeded only by the number in Wyoming; the number of cattle was 922,000, only 80,00o being milch cows, and the number of horses 319,000.

In 1900 there were 868,832 and in 1910 947, 000 milch cows in the state.