Sentence Examples with the word mike

She grabbed the mike and answered.

At last, they arrived at a metal door that Mike swung open to reveal a tiny submersible docked.

A few more stragglers, rumors of a new East-West War, Mike summarized with a shrug.

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It took a long moment for her to register Mike hadn't spoken them, and the familiar voice came from the implant in her ear.

No. Mike already told the soldiers the person they're looking for isn't here.

The shout went unnoticed until the panicked bartender grabbed the mike of the lead rocker.

No more Mike Hammer stuff from now on.

Lana looked around for Kelli and saw her near Mike at the far bonfire.

Just please ask Mike to help me get across.

Lana glanced at Mike as he released her and dashed into the nearest of the three buildings.