Sentence Examples with the word migratory

Further, that the tribes were not normally of a migratory character, as Strabo seems to imply, is shown by the existence of sanctuaries of immemorial age and by frontier ramparts such as that raised by the Angrivarii against the Cherusci.

The cultivators consist of two classes - the resident husbandmen (thani) and the nonresident or migratory husbandmen (pahe).

Being now twenty-one years of age, Abraham hired himself to Denton Offutt, a migratory trader and storekeeper then of Sangamon county, and he helped Offutt to build a flatboat and float it down the Sangamon, Illinois and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans.

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The proportions are continually varying, owing to the new migratory habits of almost every class of the population.

SHAD, the name given to certain migratory species of herrings (Clupea), which are distinguished from the herrings proper by the total absence of teeth in the jaws.

They undoubtedly constitute the oldest ethnic stock sometimes modified on the spot by crossings with migratory peoples (Malays, Polynesians); sometimes, as in the eastern Pacific, giving way entirely before the invaders.

They are mostly migratory in habit, and are to be found in many other countries.

Naturally these migratory crabs are not limited to Japanese waters.

According to the census of 1890 the Indian population was 1,295,796, but so far as the migratory tribes are concerned the figures are only guesswork.

It seems probable, therefore, that marine animals found migratory conditions between these regions, probably by way of northern islands.