Sentence Examples with the word midwinter

One day in midwinter when sitting in the schoolroom attending to her nephew's lessons, she was informed that Rostov had called.

At midwinter the 24-hour term is the largest, but near midsummer it is small compared to the 12-hour term.

The earls of Kent and Huntingdon, close kinsmen of Richard on his mothers side, the earl of Salisbury-a noted LOllardand the lords Despenser and Lumley took arms at midwinter (Jan.

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This was a better record than in Scott's autumn journey of 1911; but it was midwinter before Mackintosh found the ice strong enough to permit of his return to Cape Evans.

In midwinter the middle had been the warmest and the ice thinnest there.

The December and June curves for Kew are good examples of the ordinary nature of the difference between midwinter and midsummer.

Both the midwinter isotherm of Montreal and the midsummer one of Washington, D.C., pass through the state.

In the winter of 1894 the California Midwinter International Exposition was held in Golden Gate Park.

Not till midwinter was the count at last handed a letter addressed in his son's handwriting.

Zolss (41, 42) Has Published Dirunal Variation Data For Kremsmunster For More Than One Year, And Independently For Midsummer (May To August) And Midwinter (December To February).