Sentence Examples with the word midsummer

In 1246 Reginald de Mohun, then lord of the manor, founded a Cistercian abbey at Newenham within the parish of Axminster, granting it a Saturday market and a fair on Midsummer day, and the next year made over to the monks from Beaulieu the manor and hundred of Axminster.

The midsummer fair established by Reginald de Mohun is still held.

The town, however, is in growing repute as a midsummer resort.

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Returning to Venice, Xavier was ordained priest on Midsummer Day 1537; but the outbreak of war between Venice and Turkey put an end to the Palestine expedition, and the companions dispersed for a twelvemonth's home mission work in the Italian cities.

Most stations in the northern hemisphere have a conspicuous maximum at midsummer with little thunder in winter.

In Europe the frequency near the equinoxes rises above that at midwinter, and we have a distinct double period, with a principal minimum at midsummer and a secondary minimum at midwinter.

The thirteen or fourteen years of DUrer's life between his return from Venice and his journey to the Netherlands (spring 1507 - midsummer 1520) can best be divided according to the classes of work with which, during successive divisions of the period, he was principally occupied.

The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies (1827) and a dramatic romance, Lamia, published later, belong to this time.

On the 7th of June 1630 the Swedish fleet set sail, and two days after midsummer day, the whole army, 16,000 strong, was disembarked at Peenemiinde.

The third book was presented to the Society on the 6th of April 1687, and the whole work published about midsummer in that year.