Sentence Examples with the word midland

Similar associations or presbyteries were formed in London and in the midland and eastern counties; but the privy council was hostile.

From Leeds, on the Midland and the North-Eastern railways.

From London by the Midland railway, on the Leicester-Burton branch.

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On the Great Northern and Midland railways.

The midland region is characterized by grass lands (the Natal grasses are long and coarse) and by considerable areas of flat-topped thorn bush mimosa.

There are two considerable fragments of an English alliterative romance on the subject written in the west midland dialect, and dating from the second half of the 14th century.

The Congested Districts Board, however, have made efforts to improve the condition of the people, and a branch of the Midland Great Western railway to Achill Sound, together with a swivel bridge across the sound, improved communications and make for prosperity.

From Leeds by the Midland railway.

The North British station is Waverley, to which the trains of the Great Northern, North Eastern and the Midland systems run from England.

For instance, fourwheeled bogie third-class corridor carriages employed on the Midland railway at the beginning of the 10th century weighed nearly 25 tons, and had bodies measuring 50 ft.; yet they held only 36 passengers, because not only had the number of compartments been reduced to six, as compared with seven in the somewhat shorter carriage of 1885, by the introduction of a lavatory at each end, but each compartment held only 6 persons, instead of 10, owing to the narrowing of its width by the corridor.