Sentence Examples with the word middle age

Up to middle age Swedenborg's position was that of a scholar, a scientist, a practical administrator, a legislator, and a man of affairs.

Through him was prepared in the Middle Age the ascendancy of the philosophical authority of Aristotle, which became firmly established in the half-century after his death, when first the completed Organon, and gradually all the other works of the Greek thinker, came to be known in the schools: before his time it was rather upon the authority of Plato that the prevailing Realism sought to lean.

There were wide eighteenth- century ball gowns, women in little black dresses, one in a fifties poodle skirt, and several in dark dresses with ornate brocade on the bodice, like that of wealthy Middle Age royalty.

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In the schools and universities of the middle age the intellect of the semi-barbarous European peoples had been trained for the work of the modern world.

Doing excellent things continually through all the 'seventies, when he was in late middle age - gaining scope in colour, having now so many notes - faithful no longer wholly to his amazing range of subtle greys, now blithe and silvery, now nobly deep - sending to the Salon great canvases, and to the few enlightened people who would buy them of him the toile or panel of most moderate size on which he best of all expressed himself - Boudin was yet not acceptable to the public or to the fashionable dealer.

See Leon Mallinger, Medee: etude sur la litterature comparee, an account of Medea in Greek, Roman, middle age and modern literature (1898); and the articles in Daremberg and Saglio's Dictionnaire des antiquites and Roscher's Lexikon der Mythologie.