Sentence Examples with the word micropyle

In Araucaria and Saxegothaea the nucellus itself projects beyond the open micropyle and receives the pollen-grains direct.

The ovule is curved upon itself, so that the micropyle is near the funicle.

The ovary is small, rounded to elliptical, and one-celled, and contains a single slightly bent ovule sessile on the ventral suture (that is, springing from the back of the ovary); the micropyle points downwards.

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I I 1) is the commonest form amongst angiosperms. In this ovule the apex with the micropyle is turned towards the point of attachment of the funicle to the placenta, the chalaza being situated at the opposite extremity; and the funicle, which runs along the side usually next the placenta, coalesces with the ovule and constitutes the raphe (r), which often forms a ridge.

The integuments do not completely invest the apex of the nucellus, but an opening termed the micropyle is left.

The neck of the flask-shaped pollen-chamber projected a little from the micropyle and no doubt received the pollen directly.

When the ovule is so developed that the chalaza is at the hilum (next the placenta), and the micropyle is at the opposite extremity, there being a short funicle, the ovule is orthotropous.

Where, by more rapid growth on one side than on the other, the nucellus, together with the integuments, is curved upon itself, so that the micropyle approaches the hilum,and ultimately is placed close to it, while the chalaza is at the hilum, the ovule is campylotropous (fig.

The micropyle m is very wide.

A pro-embryo - a cellular row of which the cell nearest the micropyle becomes attached to the apex of the embryo-sac, and thus fixes the position of the developing embryo, while the terminal cell is projected into its cavity.