Sentence Examples with the word micrometer

But for refined work this would imply the investigation of too many divisions of the scale; it is therefore more usual to divide the scale into single millimetres or half-millimetres and to provide a micrometer which subdivides the millimetre into 1000 or, by estimation, into Io,000 parts.

The great improvement now introduced into all the best micrometers is to provide a screw s, which, not as in the Fraunhofer micrometer, moves only one of the wires, but which moves the whole micrometer box, i.e.

The micrometer is clamped in FIG.

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The capillary tube can be raised or lowered at will by running a magnet outside the tube, and the heights of the columns are measured by a cathetometer or micrometer microscope.

By directing the telescope to a distant object, or to the intersection of the webs of a fixed collimating telescope (see Transit Circle), it is easy to measure the effect of a small change of zenith distance of the axis of the telescope in terms both of the level and of the micrometer screw, and thus, if the levels are perfectly sensitive and uniform in curvature and graduation, to determine the value of one division of each level in terms of the micrometer screw.

It should be mentioned that an essential feature of the travelling wire micrometer is that the eyepiece as well as the wire shall be moved by the micrometer-screw.

Instruments have been invented by Alvan Clark and Sir Howard Grubb for measuring with the spider-line micrometer angles which are larger than the field of view of the eyepiece.

The micrometer represented in figs.

But when the relative positions of two adjacent objects or scaledivisions have to be determined (as, for example, in the case of heliometer scales), much time is saved by retaining the motion of the micrometer box.

The later English artists have somewhat changed the mode of communicating motion to the slides, by attaching the screws pdrmanently to the micrometer head and tapping each micrometer screw into its slide.