Sentence Examples with the word micro-organism

The micro-organism splits up the laevulose in the must, forming mannitol and different acids, particularly volatile acid.

The most common disease to which wine is subject by infection is that caused by a micro-organism termed mycoderma-vini (French fleurs de vin).

If the invasion is due to a pus-producing micro-organism which settles in some local part of the body, the result is an abscess (fig.

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It has been found, for instance, that in the case of the mannitic disease the action of the micro-organism may be checked, or prevented altogether, by bringing the acidity of the must up to a certain level by the addition of a small quantity of tartaric acid.

Jiirgehinas makes out that when an animal is rendered immune to a particular micro-organism this histolytic property becomes exalted.

This result is doubtless largely dependent on the existence, the distribution and the condition of the appropriate microbes for the due infection of the different descriptions of plant, for the micro-organism that dwells symbiotically with one species is not identical with that which similarly dwells with another.