Sentence Examples with the word micro

Everything looked quiet, until she checked her micro again and saw that the decryption program had begun popping up the messages that had been repressed in the comms system.

He tucked the micro under his pillow, returning his intense gaze to her.

He handed her a bag with her micro and her personal vault.

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She itched to grab her micro or tap her ear and respond.

He pulled her micro free from his cargo pocket and set it on the coffee table beside the keypad.

The micro was finished decrypting the messages.

She sat back in the low couch and ate her meal bars, mind going to the micro in his pocket.

She changed and placed her micro and vault into her pockets then followed Kelli out of the warehouse, through the front office space and into the street.

She checked her micro and did as the PMF soldier said, heading due west.

With some dread, she hunched her shoulders to keep anyone from looking at her micro and opened those from Mr. Tim.