Sentence Examples with the word mice

It grows rarely to a length of 4 ft.; it never bites, and feeds chiefly on frogs, toads and fishes, but mice are never taken.

The Rodents are also well represented by various squirrels, mice and hares.

The genus Mus, with about a couple of hundred species, includes the true mice A FIG.

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Well, at least you won't have mice in the woodshed.

Formerly bears, wolves and other wild animals took refuge in its fastnesses; and bats, rats, mice and salamanders are frequent visitors.

For the distinctive characteristics of the family Muridae and the genus Mus, to which true rats and true mice alike belong, see Rodentia.

Its food consists almost wholly of waterweeds, rushes and other vegetable substances, but it will also eat animal food on occasion, in the shape of insects, mice or young birds.

The infection of rats and mice with disease bacilli, or of locusts with insect-killing Fungi, and signs of the successful carrying out of such measures are not wanting.

She drives away the mice (cf.

The following is a brief notice of the species of true mice (that is to say, those generally included in the genus Mus) inhabiting the British Isles.