Sentence Examples with the word mexico

Partly because of political and social divisions thus revealed, conspiracies being rife in the decade 1820-1830, and partly as preparation for the defence against Mexico and Colombia, who throughout these same years were threatening the island with invasion, the captains-general, in 1825, received the powers above referred to; which became, as time passed, monstrously in disaccord with the general tendencies of colonial government and with increasing liberties in Spain, but continued to be the spiritual basis of Spanish rule in the island.

After considerable difficulties with the Chinese, he sailed again with his one remaining vessel to cruise for one of the richly laden galleons which conducted the trade between Mexico and the Philippines.

MONTERREY (usually spelled Monterey in English), a city of Mexico and capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, 606 m.

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Hernan Cortes overran and conquered Mexico from 1518 to 1521, and the discovery and conquest of Guatemala by Alvarado, the invasion of Florida by De Soto, and of Nueva Granada by Quesada, followed in rapid succession.

It grows in Mexico along the mountain range of the Sierra Gorda in the neighbourhood of San Luis de la Paz, from which district it is carried down to Tampico, whence it is exported.

For a time he lived upon his plantation near New Orleans, but later appeared in Mexico City as an applicant for a land grant, incidentally acting as agent for the American Bible Society.

Caloosahatchee river, flowing into the Gulf of Mexico near Charlotte Harbour, is its principal outlet.

Juarez entered Mexico City on the 11th of January 1861.

On the 6th of November 1906 the question of the joint admission of New Mexico and Arizona as a single state bearing the name of the latter Territory was submitted to a vote of their citizens.

Faber, in his additions to Hernandez's work on the Natural History of Mexico (1651),(1651), figures (p. 697) one seen and described by Puteus (Dal Pozzo) at Fontainebleau.