Sentence Examples with the word meuse

The French army under Louis in person started from Charleroi and marched down the Meuse unopposed.

Ordered Luxemburg to keep in line with other French armies which were carrying on more or less desultory wars of manoeuvre on the Meuse and Moselle.

As follows; On the Meuse, which forms the principal natural barrier on the side of Lorraine Verdun (q.v.) was fortified as a large entrenched camp, and along the river above this were constructed a series of forts darrft (see MEUSE LINE) ending in another entrenched camp at Toul, (qv.).

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He took an active part in the levee-en-masse, and in November 1793 was given the task of establishing the revolutionary government in the departments of Meuse and Moselle, where he gained an unenviable notoriety by ordering the execution of the sentence of death decreed by the revolutionary tribunal on some young girls at Verdun who had offered flowers to the Prussians when they entered the town.

The Lex Ripuaria was the law of the Ripuarian Franks, who dwelt between the Meuse and the Rhine, and whose centre was Cologne.

Both Barras and Harmand de la Meuse 5 In a bulletin dated May 17-24, Paris, and enclosed by Francis Drake (June I, 1794) at Milan to Lord Grenville, it is stated (Hist.

On the 29th of August Bazaine received a despatch, dated the 27th, from MacMahon, according to which his army should have been at Stenay on the Meuse and farther to the south by the 30th.

Rochefort meanwhile covered the Meuse country and Luxemburg.

It rises at Ochamps in the Ardennes, and flowing in a north-westerly course reaches the Meuse at Anseremme, a few miles above Dinant.

The Meuse is canalized within the department, and the Canal des Ardennes, uniting that river with the Aisne, and the lateral canal of the Aisne are together about 65 m.