Sentence Examples with the word mettle

Thus the ablest men of days past migrated to war because it was the most dramatic form of contest, the ultimate way to test their mettle against other men.

Third, in the past, kings regarded warfare as a form of competition in which they could test their mettle against other monarchs, in much the same fashion as the aforementioned ambitious men who longed for battle.

He suspected it was because the same mettle lining Dusty's backbone lined hers.

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A month of harassing skirmishes ensued, during which the Egyptian troops showed their mettle at Mograka, where 200 of them held the fort against a superior number of dervishes, and in combats at Ambigol, Kosha and Firket.

But Jade was like most immortals: he'd only ever loved other men, whereas Kris valued mettle over sex.

Her pain was raw, yet there was mettle in her backbone if she'd gone to Sean's funeral, fully knowing her own father killed the Guardian.

Lana didn't have the mettle to survive the way he knew how.

Her whimsical and adventuresome spirit puts her so much on her mettle that she makes rather a poor subject for the psychological experimenter.