Sentence Examples with the word metrical

In the case of two non-intersecting circles it may be shown that the radical axis has the same metrical relations to the line of centres.

The metrical treatise of Terentianus is now preserved in the editio princeps (1497) alone.

Its title was Imagines, and it consisted of 700 prose biographies of Greek and Roman celebrities, with a metrical elogium for each, accompanied in each case by a portrait.

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As seven is the perfect number and as Balaam had ordered seven altars to be built, the Redactor thought it would be well to have seven M6shalim or metrical oracles; and so he added other three which are certainly not pertinent to the situation, as they allude not merely to the Assyrian empire but to the Macedonian, and even, as some maintain, to the Roman empire, cf.

Charles Szasz is generally better known as a metrical translator than as an original poet.

Speaking generally, the cancioneiros form monotonous reading owing to their poverty of ideas and conventionality of metrical forms and expression, but here and there men of talent who were poets by profession and better acquainted with Provencal literature endeavoured to lend their work variety by the use of difficult processes like the lexaprem and by introducing new forms like the pastorela and the descort.

With regard to the form of the poem, Rutilius handles the elegiac couplet with great metrical purity and freedom, and betrays many signs of long study in the elegiac poetry of the Augustan era.

The fittest metrical vehicle for epic, didactic, and satiric poetry had been discovered, but its movement was as yet rude and inharmonious.

This prolix composition, one of a class which at that time was much in vogue - metrical epitomes of the facts of science - contains in about five thousand lines, illustrated by voluminous notes, a compendium of astronomy.

Coleridge, praising the genius in the book, blamed the metrical imperfection of it.