Sentence Examples with the word metric

The standards of the British Empire, so far as they relate to the imperial and metric systems, are in the custody of the Board of Trade.

Here, as usual, the British systems of measures produce a difficulty which would not arise under the metric system.

The result was the French Revolution, its Reign of Terror, and blood in the streets (as well as, ultimately, the creation of the metric system).

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Wagner,' his metric measurements being transposed into British units: Comparison of the Continents.

If this estimate is correct there exists dissolved in the ocean a quantity of silver equal to T3,300 million metric tons, that is to say 46,700 times as much silver as has been produced from all the mines in the world from the discovery of America down to 1902.

In 1906 the total production reached 169,418 metric tons.

The number of factories was, in 1905, 376, and the amount of raw sugar and molasses produced amounted to 2,643,531 metric tons, and of refined sugar 1,711,063 tons.

The metric system of weights and measures was introduced by law in 1884, but the old Spanish system is still in use.

Instruction in the principles of the metric system, and in the advantages to be gained from uniformity in the method of forming multiples and sub-multiples of the unit, are, under this Code, to be given to the scholars in Standards IV., V., VI.

Authoritative standards and instruments for the measurement of electricity, based on the fundamental units of the metric system, have been placed in the Electrical Laboratory of the Board of Trade.