Sentence Examples with the word meticulous

He was meticulous about hygiene.

Searching for risk factors in such groups would require a meticulous follow up of large cohorts.

He's very meticulous about picking the right song.

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He bracketed the time for several sessions and kept meticulous records.

With meticulous care, Justin dried it and stored it in the cabinet.

I have been quite meticulous in recording the events of the last seven weeks.

There is meticulous preparation in the build-up for ultra events.

Additional evidence that something was amiss comes from Meinertzhagen's usually meticulous diaries.

An inspired colorist, Lucienne was always meticulous about selecting the colorways for her patterns.

He wanted to give 17th-century France the modern and industrial character which the New World had imprinted on the maritime states; and he created industry on a grand scale with an energy of labor, a prodigious genius for initiative and for organization; while, in order to attract a foreign clientele, he imposed upon it the habits of meticulous probity common to a middle-class draper.