Sentence Examples with the word methodically

Slowly she extracted the knife she'd found and with her long and lovely fingers began to methodically cut away at the line.

Megan picked up the candles and began methodically poking them in the cake.

Leading her to the bed, he slowly and methodically undressed her.

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The line had been insufficiently prepared, and was being methodically knocked to bits by the very heavy fire of the Austrian big guns.

She methodically searched the text.

He casually spooned a bite of potato salad into his mouth and methodically chewed and swallowed it.

Katie methodically placed the margarine on the table.

This perhaps it does; but, since it has been ascertained that the herring is much more restricted in its migrations than was formerly believed, and that the shoals are to a great extent local, the injury, such as it is, must be local and limited to the particular district in which the fishing for whitebait is methodically practised.

Alex methodically folded the paper, his gaze roving over her face.

Dean and Andy Sackler, his partner on the variety store hold up, methodically checked leads until they arrested two youths ages 14 and 12 who admitted to the robbery.