Sentence Examples with the word meteoric

Thus the August Perseids, the returns of which have been witnessed more frequently than those of any other meteoric stream have had their radiant point fixed on more than 250 occasions.

The meteoric occurrence has even suggested the fanciful notion that all diamonds were originally derived from meteorites.

The most plausible view is that we have to do with sunlight reflected from meteoric particles moving round the sun within the region of the lens.

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It is, however, an open question whether a comet is other than an accumulation of meteoric bodies (see Comet).

Fine meteoric showers occurred in 1798 (Dec. 7), 1838 (Dec. 7), 1872 (Nov.

The integration of the scattered tribes of Arabia in the 7th century by the stirring religious propaganda of Mahomet was accompanied by a meteoric rise in the intellectual powers of a hitherto obscure race.

Small rounded spherules of iron, believed by some to be meteoric dust, have also been obtained in some numbers.

These fetish objects of worship were meteoric stones, which were dedicated to the gods or revered as symbols of the gods themselves (Pliny, Nat.

The collision theory supposes that the outburst is the result of a collision between two stars or between a star and a swarm of meteoric or nebulous matter.

The earth would intercept an amount of it proportional to the solid angle it subtends at the sun; that is to say, it would receive a deposit of meteoric matter about one-tenth of a millimetre, of density say 2, over its whole surface in the course of the year.