Sentence Examples with the word metchnikoff

Foot repre sented by a button-like disk, carried far from the posterior surface; Apsilus Metchnikoff (fig.

Cohnheim (1839-1884) and of Iliya Metchnikoff on the dynamical side of his- Fevers tology.

Meanwhile Cohnheim and Metchnikoff were engaged in destroying the ontological conception not of fever only, but also of inflammation, of which, as a local event, an ontological conception was no less strongly implanted.

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By his eminent labours in cellular pathology, Virchow, and Metchnikoff later, gave the last blow to the mere humoral pathology which, after an almost unchallenged prevalence for some two thousand years, now finds a resting-place only in our nurseries.

This phagocytal action of certain cells of the body is held by Metchnikoff and his followers to have an important bearing on the pathology of immunity.

In the case of the latter animal the serum infective conditions led Metchnikoff to place great p g importance on phagocytosis.

These matters, however, and others such as phagocytosis (first described by Metchnikoff in 1884), and the epoch-making discovery of the opsonins of the blood by Wright, do not here concern us (see II.

A further application of the facts of chemiotaxis and phagocytosis has been made by Metchnikoff to the case of Inflammation.

Massart and Bordet, Leber, Metchnikoff and others have studied the phenomenon in leucocytes, with the result that while there is evidence of their being positively chemiotactic to the toxins of many pathogenic microbes, it is also apparent that they are negatively influenced by such substances as lactic acid.

Studied by Metchnikoff and Beard.