Sentence Examples with the word metaphorical

She sees the ridiculous quickly, and, instead of being seriously troubled by metaphorical language, she is often amused at her own too literal conception of its meaning.

Are not solutions of this difficulty, as appears from their metaphorical form.

True it is that there were not wanting other men in these islands whose common sense refused to accept the metaphorical doctrine and the mystical jargon of the Quinarians, but so strenuously and persistently had the Laster asserted their infallibility, and so vigorously had they assailed any who ventured to doubt it, that most peaceable ornithologists found it best to bend to the furious blast, and in some sort to acquiesce at least in the phraseology of the self-styled interpreters of Creative Will.

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He criticizes very severely the habitual use of metaphorical language in describing mental operations.

This secondary and metaphorical sense occurs in one of the fragments of Empedocles.