Sentence Examples with the word metamorphosis

His cult survived the metamorphosis of the ancient Vedic nature-worship into modern Hinduism, and there still are in India fire-priests (agnihotri) whose duty is to superintend his worship. The sacred fire-drill for procuring the temple-fire by friction - symbolic of Agni's daily miraculous birth - is still used.

Similar views were arrived at by Goethe, though by the deductive rather than the inductive method, and were propounded in his famous pamphlet, Versuch die Metamorphose der Pfianzen zu erklren (1790), from which the following is a quotation: The underlying relationship between the various external parts of the plant, such as the leaves, the calyx, the corolla, the stamens, which develop one after the other and, as it were, out of one another has long been generally recognized by investigators, and has iii fact been specially studied; and the operation by which onc and the same organ presents itself to us in various forms has been termed Metamorphosis of Plants.

The Siphonaptera appear by the form of the larva and the nature of the metamorphosis to be akin to the Orthorrhapha - in which division they have indeed been included by many students.

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Much consideration has been given to the nature of metamorphosis in insects, to its value to the creatures and to the mode of its origin.

Direct development, in which the adult form is achieved without striking metamorphosis by a gradual succession of stages, seems to be confined to the family Balanoglossidae.

Her magic prodded him, and she saw the same trace of metamorphosis that had marked Darian the past few weeks.

The process of destruction of the larval tissues was first studied in the forms where metamorphosis is greatest and most abrupt, viz.

A natural system must take into account the nature of the larva and of the metamorphosis in conjunction with the general characters of the imago.

There is no metamorphosis during growth such as occurs in some insects, the young being hatched with its full complement of appendages and only differing from its parents in characters of comparatively minor importance.

To metamorphosis he only allowed a logical value, as explaining the natural classification; the only real, existent metamorphosis he saw in the development of the individual from its embryonic stage.