Sentence Examples with the word mesure

P. P. Boileau (1811-1891) discussed their results and added experiments of his own (Traite de la mesure des eaux courantes, Paris, 1854).

In 1875 only); Operations geodesiques et astronomiques pour la mesure d'un arc du parallele moyen (2 vols., 1825-1827); H.

These ideas are further developed in various papers in the Bulletin and in his L'Anthropometrie, ou mesure des differentes facultes de l'homme (18'ji), in which he lays great stress on the universal applicability of the binomial law, - according to which the number of cases in which, for instance, a certain height occurs among a large number of individuals is represented by an ordinate of a curve (the binomial) symmetrically situated with regard to the ordinate representing the mean result (average height).