Sentence Examples with the word messrs

Similarly, the surprising damascening by Messrs Zuluaga of Madrid in the monument to General Prim, and that of Alvarez of Toledo, give hope that the Spanish craftsman only needs to be properly directed.

In the Gartsherrie machine of Messrs Baird, the earliest of the flexible chain cutter type, the chain of cutters works round a fixed frame or jib projecting at right angles from the engine carriage, an arrangement which makes it necessary to cut from the end of the block of coal to the full depth, instead of holing into it from the face.

He had undertaken and nearly completed an elaborate life of Dr Pusey, for whom his admiration was unbounded; and this work was completed after his death by Messrs Johnston and Wilson.

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He had with him Messrs De Winton and W.

The missionaries from the first often found themselves at variance 1 It appears that the first persons to treat the Bushmen other than as animals to be destroyed were two missionaries, Messrs J.

The principal travelling agency in London is that of Messrs Cook, whose head office is at Ludgate Circus.

It was decided to check evictions by an Arrears Bill, and the three imprisoned members of parliament - Messrs Parnell, Dillon and O'Kelly - were released on the 2nd of May 1882, against the wishes of the Irish government.

But there his stay was equally short, for in 1872 he undertook the duties of engineering manager in the glass manufactories of Messrs Chance Brothers and Company at Birmingham.

Same year (1897) a small French expedition under Messrs Clochette and de Bonchamps endeavoured to reach the Nile, but, after surmounting many difficulties, stuck in the marshes of the Upper Sobat, and was obliged to return.

Which, in the course of four years, was occupied successively by Messrs Webster, Legare, Upshur, Calhoun and Buchanan.