Sentence Examples with the word mesquite

The general elevation is low, the surface sandy and covered with cactus and mesquite growth, and hot, semi-arid conditions prevail.

They were served a kind of pancake that Bordeaux said was made from ground Mesquite beans.

The Lower Sonoran zone is noted for its cactuses, of which there is a great variety, and some of them grow to the height of trees; the mesquite is also very large, and the creosote bush, acacias, yuccas and agaves are common.

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The Mesquite Gulf is to the N.W., the Gulf of Darien to the N.E., and on the N.

Another variety, obtained from the Prosopis dulcis, a leguminous plant, is called gum mesquite or mezquite; it comes from western Texas and Mexico, and is yellowish in colour, very brittle and quite soluble in water.

The mesquite varies in size from a tangled thorny shrub to a spreading tree as much as 3 ft.

The mesquite grows some distance from water, and is especially common near the Colorado river.

In the arid portions of this and the tropic areas the indigenous plants are creosote, mesquite and alfileria bushes, desert acacias, paloverdes, alkali-heath, salt grass, agaves, yuccas (especially the Spanish-bayonet and Joshua tree) and cactuses.

There is but little natural vegetation to be seen - ragged yucca trees, many species of agave and cactus, scrubby mesquite bushes, sage bushes and occasional clumps of coarse grasses.