Sentence Examples with the word mesoblastic

Meanwhile appear at the sides of the axial notochordal tract, the mesoblastic somites.

Re, Stiebel's canal (left side), tge, Mesoblastic (skeletotrophic probably an evanescent and muscular) cells invest embryonic nephridium.

In the region of the trunk, in many cases, paired mesoblastic bands are formed, growing in length by the division of teloblastic cells at the posterior end, and becoming segmented into somites.

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At the same time the mesoblastic somites (embryonic segments of mesoderm) make their appearance in pairs at the hind end, and gradually travel forwards on each side of the blastopore to the front end, where the somites of the anterior pair soon meet in front of the blastopore (fig.

Development shows that the glandular tube is mesoblastic in origin and is of the nature of a coelomoduct, while the end-sac is to be regarded as a vestigial portion of the coelom.

T t, E), and at the same time the appendages appear as hollow processes of the body-wall, a mesoblastic somite being prolonged into each of them.

H, Epidermic cell-layer; mes, mesoblastic connective tissue; n, nerves; II, III, IV, V, depressions of the epidermis in each of which a cuticular lens will be formed.

It has, however, been alleged that this cavity is formed by a pair of mesoblastic somites (N.

The ligamentum denticulatum is thus lined on one side by the epiblastic atrial epithelium, and on the other by mesoblastic coelomic epithelium.

The mesoderm seems to be formed entirely from the proliferation of the cells of the mesoblastic somites.