Sentence Examples with the word mesmerized

It was dim inside the stronghold, and the first torch they crossed that burned with black flames mesmerized her long enough for her to lose sight of Darkyn around a corner.

At a very critical moment, when the Kaiser had actually mesmerized Nicholas II into the conclusion of a secret and personal convention at Bjdrko, which purported to aim at a defensive agreement, but would have led by necessity to the disruption of the FrancoRussian Alliance and to the vassalage of Russia in a continental league against England, Count Benckendorff was invited to Copenhagen and had an opportunity of serving as a confidential intermediary between Russia and Great Britain.

Deidre sat down on the beach, mesmerized by the movement of the clear teal depths rushing ashore.

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He paused, leaning against a concrete abutment, mesmerized by the never-ending torrent as it flowed over the edge of the dam.

But no words came from her mouth as she lay there, mesmerized by his ardent expression.

Like her adoptive mother, Destiny was mesmerized by the chocolate gaze and rich deep voice.

Smoke billowed blacker than night above orange-yellow flames that mesmerized her.

The fire mesmerized him as he thought.

That bittersweet chocolate gaze mesmerized her, filled her with a longing that he would not satisfy.

He gazed out at the trees remembering Mount Greylock, how mesmerized Elisabeth seemed by the view and how connected he felt to her then.