Sentence Examples with the word mesa

Such land is found in Palencia, and in the Mesa de Ocana, where it yields abundant crops; and many of the northern mountains are well wooded.

They rode across a mesa and then descended to a wide creek.

This feature is noticeable also in the Koltemenyek (1873) of Ladislaus Torkos and the Modern Mesa (1874) of Ladislaus Nevy.

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The Mesa was first climbed by white men in 1896 by Prof. William Libbey (b.

To the south of the mesa (tableland) on which it lies is the valley of Four tain Creek.

Nordenskjold, The Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde, Colorado (Stockholm, 18 93); Zelia Nuttall, The Book of the Life of the Ancient Mexicans (Univ.

The principal summits of this range areTajumbina 03534 ft.), Pan de Azucar (15,978 ft.), Purace (15,420 ft.), Sotara (15,420 ft.), Huila over 18,000 ft.), Tolima (18,432 ft.), Santa Isabel (16,700 ft.), Ruiz and Mesa de Herveo (18,300 ft.).

South-west of it, and entirely separated by it from the rest of the island, are the mountain groups to the north and south of Iglesias, the former culminating in the Punta Perda de Sa Mesa or Monte Linas (4 0 55 ft.), and the latter, in the district known as the Sulcis, reaches 3661 ft.

Of Acoma stands the Enchanted Mesa (Mesa Encantada; Katzimo in Keresan), rising 430 ft.

A notable example is the mesa of Acoma, in Valencia county, capped with volcanic rocks; upon its summit, about 350 ft.