Sentence Examples with the word merovingian

Under the empire Arvernia formed part of Prima Aquitania, and the district shared in the fortunes of Aquitaine during the Merovingian and Carolingian periods.

In the 7th century the Merovingian kings adopted the custom of summoning them all, and not merely the officials of their Palatium, to discuss political affairs; they began, moreover, to choose their counts or administrators from among the great landholders.

Both titles were borrowed by the Merovingian kings for the administrative machinery of the Frank empire, and under them the functions of the duke remained substantially unaltered.

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From the death of Clovis to that of Dagobert (639), the Merovingian kings displayed considerable energy, both in their foreign wars and in the numerous wars against one another in which they found an outlet for their barbarian instincts.

In that year the Merovingian dynasty gave place to the rule of Pippin II.

On the history of Merovingian institutions, Havet's conclusions were widely accepted (see La Formule N.

Each looked for support to a different Merovingian king, Ebroin even proclaiming a false Merovingian as sovereign.

It is possible that chapter i., De mannire, was taken from a Merovingian capitulary and afterwards placed at the beginning of the Salic Law.

Under him the Merovingian monarchy attained its culminating point.

He was one of the most dissolute of the Merovingian kings, his early death in 567 being brought on by his excesses.