Sentence Examples with the word merino sheep

In 1788 the first woollen mills in New England were established at Hartford, and about 1803 one hundred merino sheep were imported by David Humphreys, who in 1806 built a mill in that part of Derby which is now Seymour and which was practically the first New England factory town; in 1812 steam was first used by the Middletown Woollen Manufacturing Company.

Among the high veld farmers the breeding of merino sheep is very popular.

In the same year Merino sheep were introduced by George III., who was a zealous farmer.

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The foundation of the famous school of mining at Freiberg, and the improvement of the Saxon breed of sheep by the importation of merino sheep from Spain, were due to his care.

From 1807 to 1816 Elkanah Watson (1758-1842), a prominent farmer and merchant, lived at what is now the Country Club, and while there introduced the merino sheep into Berkshire county and organized the Berkshire Agricultural Society; he is remembered for his advocacy of the building of a canal connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean, and as the author of Memoirs: Men and Times of the Revolution (18J5), edited by his son, W.

The merino sheep was introduced by Frederick the Great, and since then the Silesian breed has been greatly improved.

Cavalry horses (especially at the government stud farm of Marienwerder) and merino sheep are reared.