Sentence Examples with the word merge

This becomes evident in its eastern section, where are wide-spreading plains, which farther west assume an undulating character, and gradually merge into a picturesque mountain range.

But they survived to see Luthers day, and to merge themselves in one body with the first English travelling scholars and merchants who brought back from the continent the doctrines of the German Reformation.

It has been too often assumed that the plateau of Tibet and the uplands of the Pamirs are analogous in physiography, and that they merge into each other.

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From the Colorado to the Rio Grande, the Black Prairie, the timber belt and the Coast Prairie merge in a vast plain, little differentiated, overgrown with chaparral (shrub-like trees, often thorny), widening eastward in the Rio Grande delta, and extending southward into Meico.

The activity of vs is never so perfectly realized as to merge implication in intuition.

These divisions merge one into the other, and admit of almost indefinite subdivision, while they are subject to great modifications by human interference in clearing and cultivating.

They increase in frequency until they merge in the heavy rains which last from July to October.

The vertical branches descend to the basement and generally merge in a single return pipe which is connected to the lower part of the boiler.

Above the sea in the borderland between the fertile and wooded regions of the Sudan on the south and the arid steppes which merge into the Sahara on the north.

South of that parallel they merge in the estacion de las Aguas, or rainy season, from May to October, and the estacion seca, or dry season, which prevails for the rest of the year.