Sentence Examples with the word mercurialis

When the male and female flowers of a species are found on separate plants, the term dioecious is applied, as in Mercurialis and hemp; and when a species has male, female and hermaphrodite flowers on the same or different plants, as in Parietaria, it is polygamous.

Methylamine, CH 3 NH 2, occurs in Mercurialis perennis, in bone-oil, and herring brine.

He mentions two experiments made by him to prove this - one by cutting off the staminal flowers in Maize, and the other by rearing the female plant of Mercurialis apart from the male.

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They are generally of a more or less oval or elliptical form, or they may be globular, as in Mercurialis annua; at other times linear or clavate, curved, flexuose, or sinuose, as in bryony and gourd.